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Star Arogya Digi Seva
Assisted Telemedicine Clinic

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project supported as a part of CSR initiative




Lab Tests Taken

ECG Taken

Specialist Consultations


“Star Arogya Digi Seva is an amalgamation of joint collaboration between Digisahayam and CSR initiative of Star Health Insurance to bridge the gap of availability of specialists in the state of Tamil Nadu. Free services including Physician consultation, Laboratory tests, Teleconsultations across several selected specialties and personalized counselling and awareness are available in both locations Nanganallur and Pasuvanthanai.

Along with centres that are well equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices for laboratory services and various vital testing, the project also organizes community outreach activities to ensure 360 degree access and quality healthcare is provided to the identified populations.”

The Digisahayam program is currently up and running successfully in two telemedicine centers at different locations in Chennai. After the inception of the program in December 2020, the clinics at Nanganallur and Pasuvanthanai clinic were launched in February 2021.


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Free consultation over 
telemedicine platform

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Free lab test by trained 
healthcare staff


General & Specialist Consultation 
with Experienced Doctors 

Trained and Friendly Healthcare 
Staff to Assist in the Consult

Telemedicine Centre Workflow 

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Specialists Camps

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Educational Webinars

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Doorstep Consultation/ Assistance Service

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Weekly Community Empowerment Live Sessions

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Health Promotion

Home visits

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Collaboration with

Institutions to Extend

Our Services

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