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Digisahayam aims to provide primary and tertiary-level physician consultations through assisted telemedicine services. The platform embodies the potential to significantly diminish disparities in healthcare access and bolster health outcomes for those underserved. It is a consistent and innovative platform that embeds electronic health records, an in-built clinical decision support system, and numerous state-of-the-art digital health technologies to provide a physician with comprehensive information regarding the patient’s medical history and present illnesses.

Under this WHO supported initiative, CCDC and PGIMS, Rohtak have set up demonstration sites for enhancing NCD care with digital innovation, i.e. Digisahayam. The identified Community Health Centre (CHC) in Chiri and Dighal block of Rohtak district are augmented with assisted telemedicine to provide specialist consultations.

Launch of Digisahayam: Assisted Telemedicine Program
at Community Health Centre, Dighal (Rohtak)

The BRIDGE Centre for Digital Health at the Centre for Chronic Disease Control (CCDC) is delighted to announce the launch of the Digisahayam: Assisted Telemedicine program at Community Health Centre, Dighal (Rohtak), in collaboration with Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak (PGIMS) and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Dr Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Executive Director, CCDC, and Dr Anita Saxena, Vice Chancellor, Pt. B.D. Sharma University of Health Sciences launched the program on 5 January 2024. Dr Varun Arora, Professor of Community Medicine at PGIMS, gave the dignitaries a brief program rundown. The attending physicians were given a tour of the apparatus and an explanation of its functioning by Mr Nikki Pandey, Lead - Partnership and Engagement at BRIDGE Centre, CCDC. The advantages of the technology were addressed by Dr Arun P Jose, Head of the CCDC's BRIDGE Centre for Digital Health. The program's demonstration was via telemedicine, with Dr Vikas Bhatti from PGIMS consulting a live patient and nurses recording the ECG and heart sounds using integrated digital technologies.

Supported by World Health Organization




The program aims to significantly diminish disparities in healthcare access, bolster health outcomes for those underserved, and increase community access  to specialised treatment through telemedicine services.

This will increase coverage while also reducing visitor numbers and workload at PGIMS.

The program employs cutting-edge digital health technologies such as an Electronic Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), a Point-of-Care (POC) Diagnostic Kit, a Portable ECG Device, and a Digital Stethoscope.

The initiative leverages existing staff and infrastructure to encourage local ownership and improve sustainability of the program.

Telemedicine Centre Workflow 

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General & Specialist Consultation 
with Experienced Doctors 

Trained and Friendly Healthcare 
Staff to Assist in the Consult

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